Carpro Ceramic Coating on a Mustang

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings have been around for the better part of a decade. Although they're just now catching wings in the "maintstream" - they've been around the detailing industry for several years now. We provide Ceramic Coating in Arlington, Va. Just a few of the benefits of owning a vehicle with one of our ceramic coatings:

-Insane levels of gloss

-Light swirl & scratch resistance

-Ridiculous hydrophobic & self-cleaning properties

-Long term durability, 1-10yrs.

-Ultimate resilience against water spots & bird bombs

-Vehicle stays cleaner, longer - MUCH easier to wash/dry

-High surface tension means less debris adhesion

​-Deep, candy finish after every wash, 

-no need for wax again

When applying this semi-permanent protection to a vehicle, MANY variables come in to play.  It's not a simple "wipe on-wipe off" installation.  If not installed by a trained individual, many things can go wrong & cause issues.  While conventional sealants and waxes are glossy & wonderful. Absolutely nothing protects like a ceramic coating.  The resilience & durability of a ceramic coating is truly next level.  Instead of just a "film" on your paint, like a conventional sealant or wax.  A coating is a hardened surface material that bonds with your clear coat, almost acting like a "sacrificial" clear coat for your paint finish.  

Preventing MANY things like bird bombs & water etching from ever reaching your clear coat. Protection is measured in YEARS, not just months. Every coating system we offer, provides intense gloss enhancement, along with insane hydrophobic & self-cleaning properties that are simply mind-blowing. We HIGHLY recommended one of our Paint Correction services before a ceramic coating is applied.

Ceramic Coatings Available For:







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