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D.A.C. Custom Detailing was created in early 2015 with the mission of restoring cars to “better than new” condition. As the owner, it is my goal to exceed our customers expectations by always trying to go above and beyond what is expected. By using only the highest quality products from companies like Shine Supply, Cquartz, and Carpro we are able to create results that last.

Here at D.A.C. Custom Detailing, we don’t simply “wash and wax” your vehicle, we treat every vehicle differently and cater to the specific needs of each one. We spend countless of hours testing a wide variety of different compounds, polishes, pads (wax, sealants & coatings) to determine what would suit each vehicle best.

We constantly research new and improved techniques, processes and products to help further improve our already skilled knowledge of automotive detailing and paint restoration.

No vehicle is too big or too small, too dirty or too clean. There is always room for improvement. Therefore if you want your car to look like the day it rolled off factory line or some cases even better, D.A.C. Custom Detailing is a phone call away!

See what makes us stand out from the rest.

Owner / Operator

-David Caballero

Our Services


 Our washes and light detailing services are performed with the same (proper) techniques, tools, and boutique chemicals as we use on our high-end exotics and collector cars.

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Paint Correction Details

“Paint correction” refers to the process of removing the imperfections in a vehicle’s finish via hand or machine polishing which restores the finish to is maximum gloss and clarity. This often results in a paint finish that rivals or exceeds how the vehicle looked upon delivery. Paint imperfections can include but are not limited to:
swirl marks
tree sap etching
water spots
acid rain etching
bird dropping etching
“holograms”, “buffer trails” and swirls induced from improper polishing

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Ceramic Coatings

 Ceramic coating provides a heavy-duty protective shield against any contaminants, or impurities that your car may come in contact with. This will ensure that the life of the paint is extended, and reduces the chance of an accidental scuff or scratch caused by any foreign matter which is present on the car such as dirt or mud. 

 With the ceramic coating the dirt that comes in contact with the car will be unable to adhere to your paint allowing for a much cleaner, more beautiful appearance. 

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Paint Protection Film / PPF

 If you own a beautiful car, there’s no reason not to protect it!  No more rock chips, no more scratches! Super clear, super glossy, almost no texture!  Self-healing / Rock chip resistant Paint Protection Films!

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New Car Preparation

Just because a vehicle is brand new, it doesn’t mean that it is perfect. Protect your investment from the start.

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Blackout Services

Give your ride that clean elegant look by blacking out the factory chrome.

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