Porsche GT3 with Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

We believe that protection doesn’t have to compromise the aesthetics of your vehicle. Paint Protection Film, commonly referred to as clear bra, is an essential asset in keeping the condition of your vehicles painted surfaces looking its best. We take a craftsman style approach to our Paint Protection Film installations by providing you with a seamless finish that is custom tailored to your vehicle and the way you drive it. To achieve this, all necessary badges, emblems, vents and trim pieces are removed prior to the installation to ensure a proper fit and finish with our advanced installs. 


Clear Paint Protection Benefits

  • Invisible Finish: High quality paint protection films have an extremely clear finish and will not dull or haze your existing paints finish.
  • Sacrificial Layer for Impact Protection: SunTek Ultra provides an 8mill optically clear film which provides an impenetrable wall between your vehicle and road hazards.
  • Warranty: Films carry a warranty of up to 10 years against yellowing, cracking, fading, staining, or hazing.
  • Self Healing: SunTek offers a self healing polymer liner which will heat out scratches on it’s own with no consumer assistance.

Protection Film Packages